Monday, 19 December 2011

2months now!

she is now 2months old!
halooo! anyone? did you noticed that I have a 2m old baby? cause I don't! she is still newborn to me! and I guess, forever will be. well you know, mommies~~~

let's see her progresses as below ;

height : 56cm
weight : 5.8kg. (im gonna get muscular biceps soon!)
laughing (mostly when she's taking alone!)
respond to voices & sounds.
mumbling in anger when cry. (you should hear this, very funny! lol)
sleep less. (esp when mummy go shopping)
size M diapers.
clothes size ; 3-6 for large cutting. 6-9 for small cutting.
heavy milking. if I missed feeding her on time, I felt like carrying watermelons on my chest! once she drinks, the watermelon turns to oranges. pheW!
can differentiate mummy's and daddy's voice. (she respond to her dad better, im so jealous!)
as always ; enjoying every moment of bath time! (I don't know where she get this from because I am not so "water" person. If you know what i mean. If not, I will tell you ; I refuse to take full bath during cold, rainy day. sometimes I will just mandi separuh, not getting my hair wet.)

okay then. till we meet again dearest! enjoy your day!

Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

mummy manyak tayam sama mudak motak

title itu berbaur sengau dan sengal.
mohawk baby. in progress. 

finally, on her 44th days since her 1st breath in this world 

 saya motak yang comel..!!

rambut dia banyaaakk sgt. susah sikit nk shave mula2 tu. tp dengan bantuan pakar, tak perlu risau....
utk ibu2 yang nk shave kepala  bby ataupun tmpat2 sulit - I suggest uolls gunakan Mach3 Sensitive.
so smooth~~~

Friday, 2 December 2011

burung yang marah dan 44 hari.

finally....dah lepas pantang. suke suke suke suke. 
makin panjang kaki lepas ni. ngee ~~

sepanjang berpantang byk jugak crochet sempat buat. 
antaranya ialah burung kegilaan ramai.

mohawk version. ha ha. real feathers version pun ade. saje tayang this one. looks angrier. 

 teman bby tdo mlm2. 

crocheted angry bird keychain.
available for purchase. 
anything please email